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Till We Run Out Of Road Chords

Date: 14.03.02
From: Joe Eastwood
Subject: Lyrics & tabs "Til We Run out of road" (Jewel)

Its leaving time again 

I'm headed out with all my friends
its a roll of the dice, 
                                    A              E
I've never thought twice about the way I've been spending 
my time
           A            E     D
Trying my guts out for every dime

Working in an office building tall

don't know who's next to you at all
     D                                                 A
but being out here the blood, the guts, the beer is a test
E               D
only time will tell
            A     E                D
brings you closer man closer than hell
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             A     E                A
(CH)  We're leaving, we're leaving again
      can't recall where all we've been
                        F#m                E
      I guess we'll just go, go til we're too old
      or we run out of road

The other day I talked to Lou, he quit back in 92'
say's he misses it bad those were the 
                        A                    E            D
the best times we ever had, he said give it hell til the end
              A            E              D
coz once you quit you can't get it back again


F#m                 D
Expensive cabs and shitty food 
        E                    A
washed down with cancelled flights
          F#m                    D
Oh missed wake up calls, missed holidays
      E                A
you miss your boy and wife
All the late night drives that cause, the dawn to strike 
you like a knife
     A              E          A
Hey man, this is a beautiful life


etc.. to end (ENJOY)