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This Way Chords

was just lookin at the other tab for this and thought id try and word out chords for it

i think i got close enough to pass it off as the song so here goes

CAPO 4 - sorry for capo changing ness guitar was in flats
Standard Tuning

Chords used (not sure of names so look to be sure)

  D  Asus4  Em7*   
E x  x      0
A x  0      2
D 0  2      2
G 2  2      0
B 3  3      3
e 2  0      0


D       Asus4  Em7*    Asus4
Love be still, love be sweet
D         Asus4   Em7*     Asus4
Don't you dare    change a thing
Em7*                             Asus4
I want to photograph you with my mind
Em7*                           Asus4
To feel how I feel now all the time


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D               Asus4    Em7*         Asus4
Say that you'll stay     forever this way
D               Asus4
Forever and for-ever
           Em7*          Asus4
That we'll never have to change
Don't move, don't breathe
Don't change, don't leave
And promise me
Asus4      D
Say you'll stay
Asus4     Em7*       Asus4
Oh, we'll stay
(No Chord)        D
          This way

Same again for the rest

I get afraid
I don't think ahead
Let's just stay this way in bed
Feels so good inside your arms
Home is everywhere that you are

first tab submitted, rate if you like mail me if you dont - or mail me if you do
whatever, - Paul Shulver