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Foolish Games Chords

Verse 1:
[Em]You took your [C]coat off and stood in the [G]rain,
You were always [D]crazy like that
[Em]I watched from my [C]window,
always felt I was [G]outside looking i[D]n on you
You were a[Em]lways the mysterious one
with [C]dark eyes and careless hair,
You were f[G]ashionably sensitive, but too [D]cool to care
Then you [Em]stood in my [C]doorway, with nothing to [G]say
besides some [D]comment on the weather


Well in c[Am]ase you failed to notice,
In c[C]ase you failed to see,
[G]This is my heart bleeding before you,
[D]This is me down on my knees

[C]These foolish g[D]ames are [G]tear[D]ing me [C]apart
[C]You're thoughtless [D]words are [G]breaki[D]ng my h[C]eart
You're breaking [Em]my heart

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Verse 2:
You were always [Em]brilliant in the [C]morning
Smoking your [G]cigarettes, [D]talking over coffee
You philos[Em]ophies on art, Baroque mo[C]ved you,
You loved Mozart and you'd s[G]peak of your loved ones
As I c[D]lumsily strummed my guitar
[Em]You'd teach me of honest things
[C]Things that were daring, things that were clean
[G]Things that knew what an honest do[D]llar did mean
So I h[Em]id my soiled hands behind my [C]back
[G]Somewhere along the line I must've go[D]ne off track with you

[Am]Excuse me, think I've mistaken you for [C]somebody else
[G]Somebody who gave a damn,
[D]Somebody more like myself


[E]You took your [C]coat off and stood in the [G]rain,
you were always crazy like t[D]hat