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Carnivore Chords

			     CARNIVORE - Jewel
Tabbed by: Buster Payne and Michelle Kady

note : this is an unreleased track. audio/lyrics at

Note: Heavy accents on specific stings work well and 
tend to sound more like Jewel's version. Example: The
5th string should be either plucked or heavily accented 
while playing the "C" chord durring the Intro and 
first few verses of the song. And likewise the 6th string
should be accented in an Em chord. In the begining part
of the chorus,(Em - C), I've found that strong downstrokes 
with a few up strokes mixed in sound good!) Listen 
to the song and just try your best to play what you hear. But relax! 
Don't worry too much about playing EXACTLY what Jewel's playing.
Have fun with it.
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  C                            Em             C                        Em
So much space can fit in a sigh, more than words can say.
  C                             Em                     G      
I'm left here with my hands all akward, trying to win 
  D       (repeat)
space. I used to know you, but not anymore. Your substance
has been subtracted, word by word. 
                   D                                                C
 Silence in my ears where once you offered your 
                            D                                      C
conviction, your promises are dry beads that crack with
no stalgia. 
                         C                    Em        C   
 That's all right, that's ok. Had no business 
            D                      C                           
giving myself to you anyway. I'll be carful next time for
                             Em              C
 And I'll never trust my pink fleshy heart...
  Em             C                                    D         C            D
never trust my pink fleshy heart to a 
to a carnivor.

Your soul is an ink stain. Your perfection is a mend. (??)
Your as fragile as your thoughtlessness, strong as you can bend.
You could only believe in angry oaths, had all your high 
hopes through a telescope. Lavender haunted you so I could
only laugh in yellow.  

 (Said you've lived with farther than)?? ingenious
subtleties and slipped through the fingers of half of 
good and evil.

 Well, I did it before but now I won't do it again. This time
I'll be my own best friend and take back my songs and my
poetry, this time I won't be so easy to read..

and I'll never trust my pink fleshy heart, never trust 
my pink fleshy heart, never trust my pink fleshy heart
to a a carnivor, to a carnivor. 


 (intro)        C - Em  (X2)
 (verse)       C - Em  (X3) then...
                  G - D   (X1)

   (strum verse chord prgression X2) then....
 (Bridge)         D - C   (X2)

(Pre-Chorus)  C - Em - C - D  

 (Chorus)        Em - C   (X2) 
                      D - C - D - Em

     Then, start from the top....