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Perfecting Loneliness Chords

Part 1
G#m             C#m
I'm a long list with no time.
Sunset panic on the street,
sugar and lightbulbs,
the milk of kindness is behind us now.

Part 2
B                            C#m
With all those stones in your coat,
B               A
did you think I wouldn't know?

The tea leaves of trashed streets,
dirty needles and sweets.
Zero to heaven in seven,
A lifetime,
A nanosecond.
All the sand in your glass
is going by so fast.

Part 3
A            E
The radio is playing our tune.
C#m                 A
I love it, could you turn it down?
A                  E
The thought of you crying in my room;
C#m                   A
I miss you, could you come around
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When the night comes down,
the world becomes a room
under the microscope
with a labcoat and glue.

I'm fixing this hole
with everything I knew.

The music is making my head split.
I love it, could you turn it off?
The thought of you is tearing me in two.
I miss you, could you come around

Part 4
E    B       C#m
This list is what went right;
E    B        A
your name is written twice.
We live like astronauts
and our missions never cross.

G#m            A
The stakes are high,
G#m            A
we're standing by.

E - B - C#m - A (interlude thingy)

E             B            C#m            A
There used to be a hundred ways to put my arms around you;
Every one seemed new,
natural and true,
perfecting loneliness
'til nothing's holding us.
Consider Earth:
we could be the first.