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Milk And Apples Chords

Jets To Brazil
Milk And Apples
Four Cornered Night
2000 Jade Tree Records
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Key: A, C, G

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
A -  x02220
D -  xx0232
G -  320033
F -  133211
C -  x32010
Cm - x35543
B  - x24442
Em - 022000

Intro: A--G-D-

With Drums: 
A-D-A-D-A-D-G-D- x2

Without Drums: A-D--G-A-D--A-

Verse 1:
A           D
  Now she's milk
          G     D 
and she's apples
A         D
  You're scotch
    G    D
and segregation
A      D      G     D
  Lips like molasses
A         D
  You're smiling
G          D
saccharine sidewalks

Chorus 1:
Crashing the car just to
D                      A
make a connection each week
Greasing the palm of the 
D                        A
grease monkey keep it discreet

Verse 2:
A           D
  While she types
        G      D
and she answers
A     D
  You pay for
G    D
A        D
  Wonder what
        G      D
are the chances
A      D
  Just pray there's
G     D

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Chorus 2:
Taking your faith past
    D                 A
her desk on a mid day drive
G              D
Radio filling aborting 
your mission drive by

  You're in the 
G                A
bathroom playing dead
C             Cm
  I just know numbers
now i'm feeling
What am i feeling
what am i feeling
I can't cut
C         Cm
though to you


Bass Solo: A-- x4

Without Drums: A-D--G-A-D--C(Hold)

Verse 3:
A            D
  Caught yourself
        G       D
while undressing
A      D
  Nude in a
G       D
cold reflection
A       D
  Hands probe
  G      D
A      D
  Slow pills to
G          D
change the painting

Chorus 3:
G                     D
Running the ship over rocks
as the sirens sing storms
G                   D
Taking the water to heart
as you make for the shore

Interlude: A-D-A-G-A-D-G-D-

A       D        A     G
  She's milk and apples
A     D     G D
  And i'm on  nine
A       D        A     G
  She's milk and apples
A     D     G 
  And i'm on nine
G    G(hold)
 nine nine