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Wondering Aloud Chords

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Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1995 15:23:23 -0500
Subject: UPLOAD: Wond'ring Aloud by Jethro Tull

arr: Jethro Tull / Words & Music by Ian Anderson

Here are the chords, you=D5ll have to listen to the song for the picking,=
 as it varies from measure to measure. It is relatively complex, but well=
 worth the effort. Or, for a quick fix, just strum softly through it. Goo=
d luck! :)

6/8 time, each chord is 1/2 measure.

C C                   Am Am         G G   D D  D D =

    Wond=D5ring Aloud, how we feel today?
C      C                  Am Am       G G           D D  D C D D D D
Last night set the sunset, my hand in her hair. =

C    C                 D            D      G    Em            D     D    =
           Em   Em  G =

We are our own saviors, as we start, both our hearts, beating life
 G             D    D   D D
Into each other
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C C                  Am Am             G G               D D   D D =

    Wond=D5ring aloud,     will the years treat us well?
C              C                Am Am         G   G        D    D   D C D=
 D D D
    As she floats in the kitchen, I=D5m tasting the smell
C      C                 D             D                G  Em            =
   D     D             Em    Em  G =

    Of toast as the butter runs, then she comes, spilling crumbs, on the =
      G                 D    D   D D
and I shake my head

              Dm       C               G              G   Em Em          =
And it=D5s only the giving that makes you,           what you are.

Bonus! These chords also work for the back 1/2 of Wond=D5ring Again. Lyri=
cs follow:

We wandered through quiet lands, felt the first breath of snow.
Searched for the last pigeon, slate grey I=D5ve been told.
Stumbled on a daffodil, which she crushed, in the rush, heard it sigh
And left it to die.

At once felt remorse, and we=D5re touched by the loss of our own
Held its poor broken head in her hand, dropped some tears in the snow

And it=D5s only the taking that makes you, what you are

Wond=D5ring aloud, will the son one day be born
To share in our infancy, in the chance path we=D5ve worn
In the aging seclusion of this earth, that our birth did suprise
We=D5ll open his eyes.