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With You There To Help Me (Anderson)
Jethro Tull -- BENEFIT

Transcribed by: Bob Brockman (
Lyrics from (benefit)


      Em  Em7 Am  C        Em  Em7 Am  C       B      Em

Verse (same chord pattern each line):
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    Em           Em/G      Em/B      Am       Am/C     Am/E    Am G Em
    In           days      of        peace,
    Sweet        smell-    ing       summer   nights
    Of           wine      and       song.
    Dusty        pave-     ment,     burning  feet.

Why am I         cry-      ing? I    want to  know.
How can I        smile        and    make it  right
For sixty        days         and    eighty   nights,
And not give     in           and    lose the fight?

Pre-chorus:     Em  G A  D (2x)
                F#  A B  E (2x)
                B  C# D    (2x)


G         A           D
I'm going back to the ones that I know
     G          C         B
With whom I can be what I want to be.
G        A            D
Just one week for the feeling to go,
         G            A               D        Em  (intro riff again)
And with you there to help me then it probably will.

Verse 2 (lyrics):

I won't go down
Acting the same old play.
Gave sixty days for just one night.
Don't think I'd make it, but I'd bet I might.


Intro riff, then ( Em D ) a couple of times

Chorus (2x)

Intro riff, then more ( Em D ) behind solo, end on Em.