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Cheerio Chords

Jethro Tull - Cheerio (1982)
Chords 17/11-2013 by Jon Malmin (
Tuning: Standard E

The second half of this song (which is in F major) is entirely instrumental,
listen to the song to figure out how to use the chords.

I listened to both the original version and live performances to determine
what exact chords would be most proper, as some of them seem a bit strange
in the original version (near the end, during the fade-out).
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 C                    Bb      C
Along the coast road, by the headland
     C              Bb     Gsus4  G
The early lights of winter glow
      C            Bb       Am
I'll pour a cup to you, my darling
     C                 F     Bb  C
And raise it up, say, "Cheer-iii-ooo"

Instrumental section, backing chords:
F  Eb  F
F  Eb  Csus4  C
F  A7  Dm
F  Bb  Eb  F