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Awaken Me Chords

Awaken Me - Jesus Culture
From the album "Awakening Live from Chicago"

Gm   F

Verse 1:
Gm       F 
Let our praise be
Gm          F  
A highway, fill this place
   Gm       F
O' King of Glory
Gm                 F
Touch our cities, fill Your people
  Gm       F
A new day dawning
Gm       F               Gm    F
You are shining like the sun arising
Gm                F
You awake in me, You awake in me

Gm               F                Gm     F
Eyes to see and ears to hear You calling
Gm                  F              Gm     F
Our hearts respond to Your Spirit falling
[ Tab from: ]
Bb          F                        Eb
You're awakening our hearts for Your Kingdom
Bb                   F                    Eb
Heaven is falling as we are declaring Your name
Bb           F                    Eb
We'll sing aloud with all of our passion
Bb             F                  Eb
King of Glory come and fill this place

Verse 2:
Gm       F       Gm        F
Let our lives be a pure reflection of You
Gm       F      Gm                 F
King of Glory, shine Your light on us Your people
Gm          F      Gm            F                 Gm    F
A new song rising joined by the sound of Heaven's praise
Gm                 F
You're awakening, You awake in me

Gm  F           Gm   F
Co--me like you promised
Gm  F       Gm   F
Co--me fall upon us

Hope you enjoy!!
God Bless :)