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From: (Joshua Bardwell)

                              Words and Music by
                                  Bob Dylan

This is my version of Dylan's "Senor", as played by the Jerry Garcia Band
on the JGB double disc set.  It's probably pretty true to Dylan's version,
though, although there may be about 1000 more verses that Dylan wrote and
Jerry didn't sing (Dylan is a rather loquacious songwriter).  Each chord
is 1/2 measure (two beats) except for the [F-Em] figure which is 1/2 measure
total.  I originally thought that each chord would be one full measure, but
when I listened to it again, I realised that the actual beat was half as 
fast as I thought it was.  Listen to the recording if you've got it and
see if you agree.  Just for reference, I counted the recording at about
55-60 bpm.

Also, if anybody can fill me in on the spots where I've got ???'s instead
of lyrics, I'd most appreciate it.

Am      Am      Am       Em      Em
    Sen or,          Sen or,           can you
    F                   C
    tell me where we're heading;  Lincoln
    Em             Am          Am
    County or Arma geddon?
    G                    F                 F       [F-Em]
    Seems like I've been down this road be fore. 
    Dm           Dm                 Am
    Is there any truth in that, Sen or?
Am      Am      Am       Em      Em
    Sen or,          Sen or,           do you
    F                C
    know where she's hiding?
    Em                   Am            Am
    How long we gonna be riding?
    G                       F                      [F-Em]
    How long must I keep my eyes ??? to the door?
    Dm                Dm                 Am
    Will there be any comfort there, Sen or?
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Am          C                 C               E          
    Is that wicked wind still blowin' on that upper deck?
E           F                F                   Am        
    Is that iron cross still hangin' down from a round your neck?
Am          C                   C               E
    Is that marchin' band still playin' in that vacant lot,
E             F              F                          Am
    where she held me in her arms one time and said for get me not?

Am      Am      Am       Em      Em
    Sen or,          Sen or,           I can
    F                C
    see that painted wagon, smell the
    Em          Am          Am
    tail of the dragon.
    G                 F            F        [F-Em]
    I can't stand the suspense any more.     Can you
    Dm             Dm                Am
    tell me who to contact here, Sen or?

  [Instrumental - Repeat Chords of the Verses x2]

Am           C                 C             E
    Well the last thing I reme mber, 'fore I stripped in heat
E            F                  F                   Am
    Was that trainload of fools bogged down in a ???
Am        C            C                E 
    and a gypsy with a broken bag and a flashing ring
E        F                F                         Am
    said son this aint no dream, this time it's the real thing

Am      Am      Am       Em      Em
    Sen or,          Sen or,     you know their
    F                  C
    hearts are hard as leather, gimme a
    Em                      Am         Am
    minute, lemme get it to gether.
    G                    F               F        [F-Em]
    I just gotta pick my self up off the floor
    Dm             Dm           Am
    I'm ready when you are, Sen or

Am      Am      Am       Em      Em
    Sen or,          Sen or,           let's
    F                C
    disconnect these cables,
    Em             Am
    overturn these tables.
    G                     F           F         [F-Em]
    This place don't make sense to me no more.   Can you
    Dm                 Dm               Am
    tell me what we're waiting for, Sen or
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