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Hi James,

I was looking through your Grateful Dead guitar database and was
taken aback to find one of my own postings from years back - moreso
to realize it was inaccurate. Now a few years' wiser, I'm resubmitting
what are almost certainly the correct chords for my favorite song.

The old file is in the "Grateful.Dead" directory under the name
"Mission.crd." The song is technically by the Jerry Garcia Band,
but I think it's just as well to keep it as it is, all in one 
------begin file------
Mission in the Rain
by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter
Copyright 1973, Ice Nine Publishing

Single note riffs are mostly excluded, since I haven't found anything 
especially consistent. One note for the enthusiast - any time an
F#m is played before a Bm, Jerry plays it on the 2nd fret and hammers
in a D note on the B string (3rd fret) on the first upswing between the
chord's two downbeats. Also, the third beat of the D chord over 
'missio-o-o-on' in the chorus is staccatto.
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Bm - C#7 - F#m
  F#m           C#7          Em          G
I turn and walk away, then I come around again.
   D                 A             C#7              F#m
It looks as though tomorrow I'll do pretty much the same.
  F#m                 C#7            Em            G
I must turn down your offer, but I'd like to ask a break
             D             A              C#7        F#m - F#
You know I'm ready to give everything for anything I take
Bm - C#7 - D....    (bass: b-c#-e-c#-b-lower e)
A... D, A... (walk down: A-g#-F#-)
e                           D      A                D    F#m(c# bass)
Someone called my name, you know I turned around to see
       Bm       Bm7    e        A       D                  e
It was midnight in the Mission, and the bells were not for me.
     D    ..e.. Bm       C#m         D              A
Come again,     walking along in the Mission in the rain
G     D    F#m(c# bass) Bm      C#m          D              A
Come again,             walking along in the Mission in the rain.
(walk down: A-g#-F#-)

Ten years ago I walked this street, my dreams were riding tall.
Tonight I would be thankful Lord for any dream at all.
Some folks would be happy just to have one dream come true,
But anything you gather is just more that you can lose,
Come again... (chorus repeat)

All the things I planned to do I only did halfway,
Tomorrow will be Sunday born of rainy Saturday
There's some satisfaction in the San Francisco rain,
No matter what comes down the Mission always looks the same
Come again... (chorus repeat, 
keep repeating: Bm, C#m, D, A, G, D, F#m...)

End: Bm, C#m, D, A.

-----end file----

Hope this is all laid out right. And thanks for the archive!

Paul Anderson