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Stephanies Kitchen Chords

{title:Stephanie's Kitchen}

[D]Well ain't it good to get back to my
ramshackle shack up the [Fm]country
[Em]Yeah, cause I been gone too [G]long [A]
[D]I got a rust bucket Ford and a
gun by the door case [Fm]somebody
[Em]come along and try to do me [G]wrong [A]

[Em]I got an ax here for chopin',
a [A]cast iron skillet for pan fried possum
Got some [D]cigarettes, a banjo and some dirty maga[Bm]zines
[Em]Yeah but it's all good in the woods
cause [G]nobody [A]hears me when I [D]scream

[D]Yeah well I would've stuck around
had you not put me down on a [Fm]Thursday
[Em]and sent me on my [G]way [A]
[D]I heard you found someone new and that just,
that makes me blue in the [Fm]worst way
[Em]So out here is where I'm gonna [G]stay [A]
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[Em]Out here there aint no phones not ringin'
and [A]no bow legged mailman who aint never bringin'
any [D]thing that makes me think you might be
getting back on the [Bm]scene
[Em]Man but it's all good in the woods
cause [G]nobody [A]hears me when I [D]scream

[D]Sometimes the sunlight it spills
on the old copper still by the [Fm]river
[Em]behind the hollow [G]log [A]
[D]I make some mighty mean shine
It'll blow your mind or your [Fm]liver
[Em]Burned most the hair off of Jack my [G]dog [A]

[Em]I nearly died when I wrote this
[A]sittin' round here with all these guns and explosives
drinking [D]home made liquor
It tastes too much like [Bm]kerosene
[Em]Yeah but it's all good in the woods
cause [G]nobody [A]hears me when I [D]scream

[D]I spilled wiskey on my shirt
and I'm sittin in the dirt in the [Fm]moonlight
[Em]with this old banjo on my [G]knee [A]
[D]I spend my time makin rhymes 
It don't matter if I can't get the [Fm]tune right
[Em]No one notices but [G]me [A]

[Em]Still I found I wish I was sittin'
in the yell[A]ow stove light of Stephanie's kitchen
with my [D]hand up her shirt
a kissin' by the washin' mach[Bm]ine
[Em]Yeah but it's all good in the woods
cause no[G]body [A]hears me when I [D]scream