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************** TOO DUMB FOR NEW YORK CITY ***************

written by Waylon Jennings and Basil McDavid

performed by Waylon Jennings.

Verse 1:
	When i first saw New York city

	I was green down to the core

	You could see my red neck glowing

	For a mile or maybe more
	Between the hustlers and the hookers

	I must have made their day

	Cause they peeled me like an apple,Lawd
	And sent me on my way

Bridge 1:

	When you're pushed and shoved and almost mugged

	It ain't no place to be
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	So i came to one conclusion
	New York ain't for me

	From sea to shining sea

	And coast to coast

	Somewhere in the middle

	Is the land i love the most
	I ain't California pretty

	I can't survive the Great White Way

	I'm too dumb for New York city
	And too ugly for L.A.

Verse 2:

	I made my way to Tinseltown

	To Hollywood and Vine

	Out among those pretty faces

	I'd surely find a place for mine
	The way i walk-the way i talk

	They'll hang on every word

	But don't call me,i'll call you
	Was all i ever heard

Bridge 2:

	In L.A. what they're thinking
	Ain't what they talk about

	At least in New York city
	There's never any doubt


	I'm too dumb for New York city
	And too ugly for L.A.

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