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****************** OMAHA *****************

written by Billy Joe Shaver and Hillman Hall

performed by Waylon Jennings.

Capo on the 2nd fret.

 G  A  D  G            A            D           G                                  
	Omaha you've been weighing heavy on my mind
                         A              D
	I guess i never really left at all
             G                 A                  D              G            
	I'm turning all those roads i've walked around the other way
                            A     D
	And coming back to you,Omaha

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Verse 1:
          G       A             D             G    
	Omaha,Nebraska wasn't good enough for me
                            A                D     
	I always thought i was the roamin' kind
                G               A            D               G                         
	With a pocket full of dreams and my one shirt on my back
	I left there looking for some things to find

Verse 2:
                  G               A        D                 G 
	Rode my thumb to San Francisco,i worked down by the bay
                              A             D  
	Got some schoolin' paid for by the law
              G                A               D             G
	The hardest thing i learned was there ain't no easy way
	To get ahead behind those county walls

Verse 3:
                   G         A                D             G 
	So it's so long California,i reckon' i'll be moving on
                      A                D    
	I'm leaving even if i had to crawl
               G           A           D            G           
	I got some loose ends around that i left undone
                         A         D
	Waiting there for me in Omaha


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