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******************** MEMORIES OF YOU AND I ********************

performed by Waylon Jennings.

Verse 1:
      D               Em         G   A         D     
	I thought to leave your bed for the street
                C/G  G               D
	Was as simple as saying goodbye
                    Em       G      A       D 
	I couldn't see how blind a man can be
                 C/G  G           D 
	Or how quickly life can fly

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     D          Em          G       D   
	As the lines in my face grow deeper
                 Em         G       D  
	And the well of my soul runs dry
           Em           G  A          D 
	I find that i drink more and more
                  C/G    G           D
	From the memories of you and i

Verse 2:
     D                Em      G       A     D
	The taste of fame is fire to me no more
             C/G     G                 D   
	The attention and hunger have gone
                    Em       G     A       D   	 
	All i have left,the money and the game
                C/G   G                D
	I'm a prisoner to the road i'm on


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