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***************** LOW DOWN FREEDOM *****************

written by Billy Joe Shaver

performed by Waylon Jennings.

Verse 1:
         D                             A 
	Long haired young girl,here beside me
                D             A 
	Fit my body,warm my mind
                  G            D  
	Sleeping quiet,never knowing
               A              G                    F            D
	By tomorrow she'll be one more thing i'm gonna leave behind

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Verse 2:
         D                            A         
	Like them big wheels,i'll be rolling
                   D                    A    
	Like them rivers,gonna flow to sea
                    G                 D  
	Cause i'd rather leave here knowing
                A               G              F            D 
	That i made a fool of love before it made a fool of me

          D        G                  D   
	Low down freedom,you've done cost me
              G               D
	Everything i'll ever lose
                  G             D  
	Your as empty as my pockets
                  A                  G                F            D  
	From the top of where you start down to the bottom of my shoes

Verse 3:
         D                     A   
	Open highway lonesome wind blow
                    D              A    
	Tell me something i don't know
                   G               D   
	Wrap them warm arms around me
                 A              G                 F             D            
	Tell me why i'm gonna leave when i don't really want to go


Thanks to David M. Potter for the lyrics.
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