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****************** FREEDOM TO STAY *******************

performed by Waylon Jennings.

Verse 1:
      A               E  D                        A 
	I tied my bandana,took my pack from the floor
                         E     D                   A 
	You were still sleeping,as i stood at the door
      E                  F#m      D                 A
	Once more i was heading to,God only knows where
                        E    D                A
	That's when it hit me,i was already there

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      A          D    E            A
	I could ramble,a thousand miles or more
      D                 E                      A      
	Never find the light i've seen in your eyes before
                          E    D                 A 
	You gave me the freedom to go on my own way
                              E  D                             A
	But you gave me much more,you gave me the freedom to stay

Verse 2:
      A                E   D                    A     
	Why keep on running,just to wish on a star
                       E    D                      A 
	Searching for Heaven,when i know where you are
      E              F#m  D                      A	
	Life is just empty,when you're walking alone
                           E        D                         A 
	So wherever we're going girl,Lord it's good to be at home


Thanks to David M. Potter ( for the lyrics.
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