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*************** ENDANGERED SPECIES *****************

written by Waylon Jennings and Tony Joe White

performed by Waylon Jennings.

Verse 1:
	I made it through my rock and roll years
	With a spent dream and
	A few dollar bills

	I don't know what i learned

	I don't know what i know
             A                       E 
	And if i don't now i never will

Bridge 1:
            G                       A          E
	I ain't seen it all but it's plain to see
              D               A           E
	I just might be an endangered species

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Verse 2:
	Like an old gray fox i know how he feels 
                  A                        E
	With the new hats snapping at my heels
	I ain't sure what it's all about
                 A                     E  
 	I ain't in but don't count me out

Bridge 2:
               G                           A                E  
	They all like to dance but if you want to dance with me
              D                         A           E 
	You might be dancing with an endangered species

Verse 3:
	I wasted some time 

	With some women i found
              A                    E
	At no time ever settlin' down

	With one over here and one over there
              A                    E  
	And that's where-nobody cares

Bridge 3:
              G                A            E
	But a man in love is what i want to be
           D                       A            E 
	I guess-that makes me an endangered species

Bridge 3.

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