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Aint Used Up Tab

~Ain’t Used Up~  “A”
Waylon Jennings

(Just vocal and single chord guitar strums)
Well now baby you’re a looker and 
I know what your lookin for
You’ve been looking over every man at the bar
Honey I know I’ve got a few years on you
But if you’re shopping around
Let me tell you a thing or two

(single “A” chord strums building with the band falling in)
Well I look a little ruff and I got a few miles on me
My body needs work and my style ain’t what it used to be
And honey I’ll admit theres places where I’m wearing thin
But I ain’t broke down I’m just good and broken in
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Well I may be worn but baby I ain’t worn out
Let me take you for a ride and I’ll show you what I’m talkin’ about
I guarantee theres a lot of me left to love
Well I may be used but baby I ain’t used up

I’ve been wrecked a few times and honey it shows I guess
Theres been once or twice that you could say that I was repossessed
Theres one little thing that I think otta be understood
It ain’t how you look - It's what you got under your hood


( this is a great 12 bar rocker 1 - 4 - 5 with a few chord twists ...

A very obscure Waylon Jennings tune ... you can stretch this one out with additional solos...

This is Dr.Ducks version ... enjoy ... and keep on rockin’ ... 
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