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Southern Comfort Chords

intro  G A D 2x

verse 1:

  A               G         D  
Well I came to cali on a highway from nashville
 A           G             D
It's all a gamble for the fortune and fame
A         G                D        
My education came from reading the roadsigns
A            G              D
Just another full who got lost in the game
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        G       F     D              G        F        D
 But I'm going back again,cause it's blowin' in the wind
 Thats carry ma home
                     D                    A
chorus: Oh southern comfort,dont leave me low
                     D                         A G D
        oh southern comfort,keeps callin' me home

verse two:(same chords)

 And all these actors man there livin' in castles
And with the earthquakes they'll all sink in the sea
Who makes a livin' off of heartbreaks and hastles
And scientologist make no sense to me

chorus:(same)(repeat as many times as needed)