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The Man I Used To Be Chords

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The Man I Used to Be

Chords by:  Justin Makeig  (
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Em           D
I hope you remember me
I was your daddy once
Em           D                   Am
Wearing the sailor cap and dirty nails
Em                D                        Am
To you I'm just a picture on your mother's mantlepiece
Em                     D                     Am
Who chose to fight the good fight in time to fail

Into battle
And in your shadow
     C     D#dim7    Em        Em/D#
Your daddy loves you still
Em/D  Em/C#  C         G           D/F#
Yes I do

I never thought it'd be so hard to see you grow so fast
And turn into the man I used to be
But I hope you have more sense than I in matters such as these
Medals don't mean shit when a family is so lost at sea

Into battle
And in your shadow
Your daddy loves you still
Yes he does
Yes he does

E                                        D
I save every moment I've reached out and almost touched you
          E                      D
But they all fade away must be a bad memory