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Mexico Chords

The spacing when I pasted this is off so the chord changes aren't by the words exactly.
I may fix it one day when I have time. I figured this out as I couldn't find any music
for it myself. Sound's pretty close to me. Small part at the end missing. Enjoy. I found 
the lyrics on some lyrics site.

D            D(v)                 Bm            A    x3
D            D(v)                 Bm            A
Owsley and Charlie, twins of the trade,
G                                   A
Come to the Poet's Room
D            D(v)                 Bm            A
Talking about the problems of a leaf,
G                                   A

And yes, it'll be back soon

Bm                                         D             A
There used to be tons of gold and green
C#m                                 F#
Comin' up here from Mexico
G                                          F#               G
A donde esta la planta, mi amigo, del sol?
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A                            G
But Mexico is under the thumb
Of a man we call Richard
        A                                 F#
And he's come to call himself king
But he's a small-headed man
         A                                       G
And he doesn't know a thing
About how to deal for you
How to deal for you

There are millions of you now
I mean it's not as if you were alone
There are brothers everywhere
Just waiting for a toke on that gold
E          E                   E           E
And God knows how far it can go
You're famous Uncle Charlie
For your Mexican smoke
You're a legend Owsley
For your righteous dope

D                                                                               G
There were a half a million people on the lawn
D                                                                   G
And we sang to their faces in the dawn
Am                                  G
How long will that young race
Am                                  G            E
Wait for the jailer's time to end?
Am                                    G
How long will the Panther race
Am                                    G
Wait for the iron bars to bend?
And no no no no no nobody waits

Transcribed by Matthew