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Mau Mau Amerikon Chords

Mau Mau (Amerikon)
from Blows Against the Empire (1970)

Yeah, I know it's labeled as being by Jefferson Starship but the rendition of JS on 
Against the Empire is much closer to the Airplane and had very little to do with JS other 
Kantner himself.
Anywho, it's a great song in E minor, Paul Kantner played the rhythm part and Peter 
played the lead guitar and he solos in E minor pentatonic throughout the song. I put the 
at the bottom so there's no confusion between the 2 different G chords used in the song.

Em                            D   Em
Put your old ladies back into bed
                             D    Em
Put your old men into their graves
                         D     Em
Cover their ears so they can't hear us sing
                         D     Em
Cover their eyes so they can't see us play
Get out of the way
Let the people play
            Bm          C
We're gonna get down on you
D              Em
Come alive all over you
                            D Em
Dancin' down into your town

Em                                 D     Em
You know Tyrannosaurus Rex was destroyed before
                            D       Em
By a furry little ball that crawled along
The primeval jungle floor
   D                     Em
He stole the eggs of the dinosaur
close your eyes & create the sound
open your hands & rebuild the ground
Bm                    C
We are egg snatchers, egg snatchers
flashin' sunshine children
Em                       D Em
Bunch of diamond thieves

You unleash the dogs
     D     Em           D  Em
of a grade-B movie star governor's war
While you sit in the dark -
  Em                    D Em
insane with the fear of dying
well ball in your parks
  D                      Em
Insane with the flash of living

Im alive, I am human
Am               Bm
i will be alive again
So drop your fuckin' bombs
Burn your demon babies
I will be again
Em         D Em
Rabid lover
                           D   Em
feelin' the starch in your grin
[ Tab from: ]
Callin' for acid cocaine and grass
                            D  Em
And receiving your homemade gin

Em           D  Em
Push the button
               D Em
pull the switch
             D Em
cut the beam
                   D Em
c'mon make it march
Sign me up as a diplomat - my only office is the park

Em             D      Em           G*
You need to be out before you come in
Em        D        Em  G*
After you come you go
Em              D         Em              G*
In the midst of Yang is a smaller part of Yin
Em          D           Em   G*
And when it happens you know
the dawn comes

Hey, dick!
Whatever you think of us is totally irrelevant
Both to us now and to you
We are the present
We are the future
You are the past
Em       D            Em
Pay your dues and get outta the way
            Em      D       Am
Cause we're not the way you used to be

     D        C    Bm
When you were very young

We're something new
We don't quite know what it is
Or particularly care
We just do it - You gotta do it
Let the music do it, take you there
Do it, do it, do it - gotta do it
Something new, something new, something new
New, New

Open your eyes there's a new world a-comin'
Open your eyes there's a new world today
Open your hearts people are lovin'

Open it all we've come to stay

I said, Open it all we've come to stay

Then play around with this riff:

Just mess around the E note and throw in some Ds and As.

I said, Open it all we've come to stay
People, hey you people, everybody
Us young people come to stay
I said, people, on relief
We've all come to stay

D         Em             D           Em
Open your eyes there's a new world a-comin'
D                 Em
Open it all we've come to stay
Yeah, yeah, yeah, open it all

Open it, open it, baby

Em  x79987
D   x57775
C   x35553
Bm  x24432
A   577555 or x0221x
G   355433
G*  x-10-12-12-12-10