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Hearts Marty Balin Chords

Marty Balin (of Jefferson Airplane) - Hearts 
CAPO on 3 
Transcribed by M_Pony 

Fmaj7          Dm
 Is everything alright
E       Am                Dm
 I just called to say how lost
  E            Am
I feel without you
Miles away
I-really-can't-believe I'm here
and how.. I still care.. about you

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Fmaj7          Dm
Hearts can break
E        Am 
And never mend together
Dm       Em         Am
Love can fade away
Hearts can cry
when love won't stay forever
Hearts can be that way

Fmaj7              Dm
 Is everything the same?
E            Am
 do you ever think of me
    Dm       E            Am
and how.. we loved.. one another

Will you change your mind?
Will-you-want-me back again
or have you found yourself a new lover


Is everything o.k.?
I just thought I'd write a song
to tell the world how I miss you, 'Cause 
each and everyday
I think of all the words I never said
and all the chances that I had to

(obtain Kleenex(tm))