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Crazy Miranda Chords

Intro: Dm - C

C       G
Crazy Miranda

Am            G     Dm           C            Am
lives on propaganda she believes anything she reads

            Dm          G
it could be one side or the other

Am                      G
Free Press or Time Life covers

Dm                    C           Am
she follows newsprint anywhere it leads

but still she can't seem to read and nobody

Bb                          F    Em
knows nobody knows what she needs 

(Dm - C - Bb)x3

            Dm - C - Dm
it could be love

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((Dm - C - Bb)x3     Dm - C - Dm)x3  Dm - C

C                 G
All the pretty ladies textbooks

Am                       G
tell her how to have the next look

Dm                  C                    Am
The Bible tells her stay as plain as you are

C                             G
she wants all the pretty boys beside her

Am                         G
to write some pretty words to guide her

Dm                             C                   Am
to tell her than they love her body as well as her mind

                       Dm              Bb
she wants some kind of sign--a sign of love

         F                 Em
oh never mind--she's not your kind.

Note: If you're going to play it on piano as the song is played add 9th note 

for G and F while going up.