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In The Top Chords

This is the song as heard on the "Monsters Collection Vol. 2" CD.  To play, use the
power chord indicated and then use your pinky finger on every other beat to hit the
6 of the chord.  Much less complicated than it sounds.

Verse 1:

Well, Lord you know I am a fighter

And I've been one all my life

And I've taken 'em on three at a time

Even some wielded knives

D5                 A5
Most of the time I whoop 'em
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    D5                  A5  
And other times doin' alright

    D5               A5                E5                      A5
But I met a girl six months ago that's teachin' me a brand new fight


I ain't sayin' I'm the baddest

But I'm in the top three, yeah

And I'm here to tell you, brother

     A             G           D          A
That pretty little thing put a hurtin' on me