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Mama You Been On My Mind Chords

Mama you been on my mind( Jeff Buckley version)org. by Bob Dylan Capo on 1 st.
Note that this is the easy version, but it should work, if you just listen to
the song a few times.

E                                        Ab
Perhaps it is the color of the sun cut flat 
       Cm#            Cm#7		
And covīrinī the crossroad Iīm standing at,
   E              Ab          Cm#           A
Or maybe itīs the weather or something like that, 
    E              B         E   
But mama, you been on my mind.

E                                                   Ab
I mean no trouble, please donīt put down donīt get upset,
         Cm#           Cm#7 
I am not pleadinī or sayinī, "I canīt forget you".
  E               Ab          Cm#                  A
I do not pace the floor bowed down anī bent, but yet,
       E             B         E
Well,  mama you been on my mind.
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Even though my eyes are hazy anī my thoughts they might be narrow,
Ab                   Cm#           Cm#7   
Where you been donīt bother me, or bring me down with sorrow 
E            Ab                 Cm#               A
I donīt even mind who youīre be wakinī with tomorrow,
    E             B         E
But mama you been on my mind.

E                                               Ab
Iīm not askinī you to say words like "yes" or "no", 
            Cm#                 Cm#7
Please understand me, I have no pleace iīm calling you to go.
         E            Ab                Cm#                  A		
Iīm just wispering to myself so i canīt pretend that I donīt know,
E              B        E
Mama, you just on my mind.

E                                                      Ab  
When you wake up in the morningī , baby  take a look inside the mirror.
Cm#                                  Cm#7 
You know I wonīt be next to you, you know I wonīt be near.
E          Ab              Cm#             A                    
Iīd just be curious to know if you can see yourself as clear.
   E               B                 E
As someone who has had you on his mind.