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Bubble Goose Tab

 I have finally got the Bubble Goose tablature. You won't find it 
 anywhere on the internet. This is the only one at present. 

 It begins with strumming of the chords; 'C' 'Am' 'F' 'G'

       C     Am     F      G

 Intro with Wyclef talkin'


( First verse ) 

   C                  Am                  F                   G
Sittin' right back can hear a tale, boughta hustler round my way

   C              Am               F                     G
He use to climb around the block from where my grandma stayed
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   C              Am              F             G
Black B.M.W with rims to nine, windows really prune

   C               Am                  F                         G
One night he jumped out the car & caught a bullet in his bubble goose

( Chorus )

   C                              Am
He caught a bullet in his bubble goose

   F                               G
He caught a bullet in his bubble goose

   C                          Am
You can be at a party geetin loose

   F                                G
Or you can catch a bullet in your goose

The rest of the song is the same BUT, when it gets to the end 
of the song, when they start goin ape shit, start playing 
one chord up...


Instead of playing these chords over...

   'C'   'Am'   'F'   'G'

....begin to play these....

   'D'   'Bm'   'G'   'A'

Thats about it. If ya reckon anything is wrong with it dont email 
mecause I wont give a shit. Keep drinkin' largers cause...
                         -BEER  IS  LIFE-

Australia rules                                             Cheers.