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Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 20:49:51 -0700
From: Will Nerini 
Subject: j/jazz_butcher_conspiracy/whats_the_matter_boy.crd

Artist: The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy
Title: What's The Matter, Boy?
Author: Pat Fish
Transcriber: "Will Nerini" 

G                          D                C
You wonder why nobody ever seems to talk to you
G                                        D                  C
After all, you use an aerosol and you've got three pairs of shoes
G                                           D                C
You got yourself a little education and you keep up with the news

 A little rapid riff of:

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G                               D         C
But when you walk in to a party everybody stares
G                                             D                   C
The girls drop drinks into their laps and the boys fall off their chairs
G                                  D                 C
Oh, but you're all alone when everybody's leaving in pairs

[A little rapid riff of:]
C                                G
If you ever stopped a moment and thought about your ears
(Big, aren't they?" "I suppose they are")

C                      G
Or that noise you make when you've had a bottle of beer
C                                 G                    D
Oh, try to make a mental leap and perhaps it will come clear


G                       C          D
You're the man with the head of an ass
G                       C          D
You're the man with the head of an ass
G                       C          D
You're the man with the head of an ass
And that's crass
Mmm, pin me back, Max