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Two Angels Chords

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Subject: CRD: jayhawks  "two angels"
Date: 9 Dec 1993 20:37:26 -0600

Here's another Jayhawks song for those who helped me
out with some others.  It's missing the solos and the harmonica, but
the lyrics and the chords and arrangements are there.
It's in the key of G (I think. Let me know if I'm right. I'd like
to work up the harmonica part).



"Two Angels"
The Jayhawks
from _Hollywood Town Hall_ (Def American, 1992)

INTRO (same chords are used for the CHORUS):

Em --- G --- D --- C
G --- C --- D


G   Am                           G
      I'd hoped to find you this mornin'
  Talkin' to the trees
Bm                Am            F             D
I could miss you,   After what went down.

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jayhawks/two_angels_crd.html ]
G    Am                    G
      In false love could lie by you
    While I'm swingin low
Bm                         Am            F             D
   I could steal down town   Making some sweet time

play the chords through twice:
once with vocals,  once with solo guitar/no words

Em  G               D      C
Two Angels, one bad end
         G              C
this lifetime's easy
Way back home there's a funeral


G    Am                    G
  Think I'll take to the   sidewalk
   Knowin' it's not real
Bm                    Am            F             D
I cold steal downtown    makin some sweet time

CHORUS #2:(both times with words, no solo section)

Two Angels, one bad end

this lifetime's easy

Way back home there's a funeral

Two Angels, one bad end

this lifetime's easy

Way back home there's a funeral

  SOLO (over Verse chords, 1 time through)

Repeat CHORUS #2

I haven't transcribed the solo sections because:  A) they're pretty
and B) I didn't feel like it.

Transcription by Possum