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Over My Shoulder Chords

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"Over My Shoulder"

by The Jayhawks

This song is off Tomorrow the Green Grass.
It appears to be in the key of E.
Some of the lyrics are kind of shaky.
I believe all the chords are correct though.

Transcribed by Todd Obermiller (Obermiller.1@nd.edu)

Fill 1



F#m	B

Verse 1

E			C#m			E
Left running you said you were flying

E			C#m			E
Left running you said you were cold
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F#m			C#m
Any statute you can name

F#m			B
Like the ones that I fell for


E			A
I've been looking over my shoulder

E			A
Would you love me then your older

E			A		F#m
Would you love me then your older

			B	(Fill 1)
>Still I know your true

Verse 2

E			C#m			E
The first game is lost any well(??)

E			C#m			E
Another game is hiding your fear

F#m			C#m
Oh please tell me how my heart

F#m			B		(Fill 1)
How can my heart belong to you

Repeat Chorus


C#m			F#m
Every time that you look my way

C#m			F#m			B
I feel so hopeless you're thinking of me

Verse 3

E			C#m			E
This landslide and buildings too high

E			C#m			E
If ??	some for everyone

F#m			C#m
Though the law is everywhere (??)

F#m			B		(Fill 1)
And it lives without a care

Repeat Chorus Twice

Repeat 1st half of Verse 1