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Caught With A Smile On My Face Chords

Caught With a Smile on my Face

The Jayhawks

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Intro: D-Bm-G-A (2x)

A               G     Bm
Time can not erase
                  A      G
your funny little ways
                    D             G    A
and all the special joys that you gave me

When I hear your voice

Rise above the noise
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of the busy streets of the city

        D      Bm   G
and I'm caught
        A          D      Bm    G
with a smile on my face
           A          Bm
guess it's never too late
Bm(A low)           G   A
chasing after happy endings

the years have been unkind

I slowly lost my mind

but there's one thing that keeps it back running


 Em	            Bm
Tell me what ever happened
 Em                      Bm
to all the plans that we made
 Em                  Bm        C
I played around too long
while you bravely carried on