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Friend We Werent Even Lovers Chords

Standard tuning
Capo 4
all chords relative to capo

chords used: C G E Am F

Intro: C G E Am F G C

       C                G
I have lost the will to live
   E                           Am
My life to someone else I will give
         F                    G              C
And I'll fly much higher than I have flown before

             C                              G
Because I've rained and I've pined and I've cried
     E                          Am
I've tried to run my tear ducts dry
    F             G                C
But I must yet to wipe you from my mind

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    E                  Am
Oh, I've tried chasing cars
     E                   Am
I've reached out for the stars
 E                           Am        G           C
Upon when I wished that what you had denied me was ours
F         G        C
Somewhere down the line

You fashioned me blue and green
My seasons won my chance, it has been
Now I envy all the love in your life that is yet to arrive

It will take the fun of all that I don't got
Fulfill you in the ways I have not
& Though I appear unable I am willing to give us a shot

So I put paper to pen
& From bark I'll be born again
Cos if I'm made from cardboard then I'm gonna check every box
and pray that you're hard on moss

Bridge: C G E Am F G C x2 (second time whistle)

Oh I'm leaving Mark Avenue
Something that I said I'd always do
I'm moving to a Royal Road to start out new
Maybe I'll get over you

end on C