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Fireman Tab

Okay i heard this song once or twice on fuse and it's pretty good. I had no intentions
trying to tab it but i was just messing aroundon my guitar and it sounded like it. i
know the picking part but i know the chords or what i think sounds like what they guy 
Couldn't tell you if it were in standard or drop D so you pick which one sounds better i
drop d better personaly.

Drop D
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jawbreaker/fireman_tab.html ]
A|--3-X8--0-X8--5-X8--1-X8------------------------ -|

                 All muted

i'll try and figure the picking he does but i dont know it right now. just basically
that a lot and pick out a power chord and pick at it some.