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Condtion Oakland Chords

Condition Oakland

This song is one of my favorites, it's pretty close to the actual thing too.

These are the chords.
  Variant Ab      Variant D#       Variant B      Variant C#        Variant E 

Anytime these chords are mentioned they are played as above, unless otherwise noted.
All other chords are regular power chords.

Play chords Ab   D#   Ab   C#   B
2nd time play chords Ab   D#   Ab   D#
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jawbreaker/condtion_oakland_crd.html ]
F#     G#          A
I went down to the tracks 
B(reg)                  C#(reg)       G#
thinking what they might say to me.
F#       G#          A
But they just stared back
   B(reg)   C#(reg)             G#
broken, trainless and black as night.

Then play Ab

Climbed out onto my roof, so I'd be a poet in the night.
Beat the walls of my room, I saw the big room that is this life.

G#                       E(reg)
     This is my Condition,
E var.            during this part the bass plays:  E   G#   A   B
Naked and hysterical, reaching to grab a hand that I just slapped back at.
G#                       E(reg)

     This is my Condition
E var.             as above.
Desperate, alone, without an excuse, tried to explain, Christ what's the use.

At the end of the chorus the guitar does a hammer on repeatedly, 
on the 3rd string notes  8/9.

Read and I felt so small, some words keep speaking when you close the book.
Drank and just about smiled, then I remember us in that bed.

Put my ear to the door, I just heard hot rods and gunshots and sirens.
People kill me these days, they have keys in their eyes but they lock from the inside.



play Ab then

Continue this for A while then:   Ab(reg)   C#(reg)   B(reg)   A

then repeat outro till he stops talking.