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From: zink@uiuc.edu (Dan Zink)

"Boxcar" by Jawbreaker
Transcribed by Dan Zink

G          C         G           C
You're not punk, and I'm telling everyone

G           C        D         C
Save you're breath I never was one...

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jawbreaker/boxcar_crd.html ]
G     A        C    
My enemies are all too familiar.

G           A        E       C       G       C G C
They're the ones who used to call me friend.

G        A      C               
I'm coloring outside your guidelines.
A                               C                  G  A  B  C
I was passing out when you were passing out your rules.

E                      C                     G       C G C
One. Two. Three. Four. Who's punk what's the score?

Have fun!