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1000 Things
jason mraz

*G - Bm7 - Em7 - C - D9
ooh lululu lei......

C9 		G
I'm overjoyed and I'm overloved
C9		G
I'm feelin lucky like a little boy
C9			G
Who's hiding undercover and looking to 
			G pause
Any way to play his part inside this darkened cave 
Well, the meaning of life it starts in the night-light
C			D9
Close your eyes and I hope you'll see mine
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C				Bm7 
I've seen a 1000 things in one place
And I stopped my counting when I saw 
your face
Erasing memories well I feel as though 
			D9 break
I never seen that face before
'til I saw your 
  eyes and they're smilin back at me 
through my tears              
I've been counting all this years
Am7				C
Suddenly the 1000 things I've seen were 
		            D9 break 
nothing more than dreams of of of you
 and me
C9	G-C9	   G	            C9
You and me so quietly at a stand still
C9	G	C9pause
Fortunately you will...
You will kiss me I will, I will kiss you 
	       		C	     Bm7
back on the fact of the matter is 
			Am7		G
I don't know what the later is oh no way
You see I always wanted to kiss you 
And I always wanted to run from you
And I always wanted to miss you 
and I always wanted to come for you

      So how do you do? 

for all the fans of jason mraz, hope you'll enjoy this one!!!!
-rj jimenez (CFC Youth for Christ - Manila)