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Flood Chords

The Correct tabbing for "flood" by Jars of Clay.
This is 100% correct.  i guess the others work, but this one sounds exactly how they play it.  as far as i can tell, it is how they play it. (though they might not use the capo.)  so enough of the waiting and here we go
capo 3
Chords used:
F -003200 (obviously not really an F but too lazy to remeber stuff i learned in music theory.)
G -320000 (same thing as the f)
vG-355xxx (i call this the vG because it is used in the verse)

and just in case this is the first time you are reading a tab the chords are built from lowest string to highest (EADGBe, well acctaully GBEAC#g with the capo but whos is counting) alright so now into the good stuff.

A2	F	G	em (repeat twice)
Verse 1
Am    vG        em
Rain rain on my face,
Am    vG        em
Hasn't stopped, raining for days.
Am vG        em
My world is a flood,
Am     vG       em
Slowly I become one with the mud. 
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jars_of_clay/flood_crd.html ]
NC     A2     F          G     em       
But if I cant swim after forty days,
(em)   A2      F              G         em 
And my mind is crushed by the thrashing waves.
(em)     A2     F          G       em
Lift me up so high that i can not fall,
(em)    A2    F  G em
Lift me up.

(em)    A2   F       G   em
LIft me up, when i'm falling.
(em)    A2      F            G  em
Lift me up, I'm weak and I'm dying.
(em)    A2    F           G    em
Lift me up, I need you to hold me.
(em)    A2      F        G  em
Lift me up, I'm drowning again.

A2 (now here is were you can really show off with fansy rythmes)

Verse 2:
Down pour on my soul,
Splashing in the ocean, I am losing control.
Dark skys all around,
Can't feel my feet touching the ground.


Bridge: (same chords as the verse just fingerpicked)
Calm the storms that drench my eyes
Dry the streams still flowing
Casting down all the waves of sin
And guilt that overthrow me


It is a simple as that.  very easy.  what i like to do for the choruse is play a half of beat of all open strings between chords, it adds flavor.  but do with the song as you want, just dont butcher it.  if you have any questions email me at guitarguy425@aol.com
later and God bless
Steve the guitar guy