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Heart Of Mine Chords

C         F
One day you may
  C                        Em        F
Find tru love that will last forever
And ever
      C         F
Till then you'll spend
       C             Em          F
A lifetime wishing one together
    Dm             C             F
You never thought she'd say goodbye
                          F#m       F
And you will never understand the reasons why
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A             Bm         C#m          D
Heart of mine, how will you keep me from dyin'
  F           F#m      F           G
Stop remeniscin', who is she kissing?
  A           Bm         C#m        D
Heart of mine, oh what's the use in tryin'
 F            E         A-Dm-G
No one can mend you now

  C              F
Love plays cruel games
   C               Em             F9   Dm-G
You can't believe she's found another Lover
  C       F
Does she miss me
  C                        Em     F
Sometimes you just can't help but wonder
 Dm              C               F
No one can stop the hands of time

BY: Clariz Sales
And you will always be the one she left behind

(Repeat CHORUS)

A        Bm      C#-D
Lalala... laralara
F         G             A
No one can mend you now