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Three Days Bass Tab

From: elric@unm.edu (B. Underwood)
Newsgroups: rec.music.makers.bass
Subject: BTAB: Three Days (was Re: Request For Tab: 3 Days)

When I was just starting bass, this song was my Holy Grail for a while...

--- cut here ---
Song: Three Days
Band: Jane's Addiction
Album: Ritual de lo Habitual

G ---------4-4-0h2p0---0h2p0-------------------------------------------
D -------------------4-------4-----------------------------------------
A -0h2-2-2---------------------0h2-2-2-2-2-2---------------------------
E -------------------------------------------3-3-2-2-------------------

Repeat that a whole bunch. Occasionally you will need to do the hammer/pull
thing three times instead of two.

Then there's a bridge I haven't figured out.

Then the song ends with:

G -----------------
D -----0-2-----0---.
A -0-2-----0-2---2-.
E -----------------

for quite some time more.
There ya go.

elric@unm.edu                                          PGP2.3 key via finger
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White boy with algorithm.


I'm not sure what key Three Days is in, and sitting here at work, I can't
really tell.  However, let's say it's in the key of B (if it's not, you
can just transpose it).  Then here's how I would play it:

		      3		 3
		    /---\      /---\
  s s s s e    e    s s s e    s s s e  

		      3		 3
		    /---\      /---\
  s s s s e    e    s s s e    s s s e

There you have it: if I'm wrong about the key, just transpose it to wherever
and work out the fingerings.  This should sound right, though.

Good luck

Alex Basson
University of Chicago