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Jane Says Bass Tab

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>From            : Sam Hoffman 
Artist          : Jane's Addiction - Jane Says
Bass Performance: Flea
Comments:       : This is my rendition of it. At the
                  bottom is another rendition of 
                  Jane Says by 
                  David Piniella 
Strings: E,A,D,G

Main Lick

"I'm gonna kick tomorrow..."

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>Date: Sat, 11 Nov 1995 19:57:39 -0500 (EST)
>From: david a piniella 
>Subject: /j/janes_addiction/jane_says.btab
>"jane says"
>by jane's addiction, from `nothing's shocking'
>intro/main lick: 
>"jane says..."
>[16 times]
>"i'm gonna kick tomorrow..."
>[4 times]
>main lick, 16 times
>"i'm gonna kick tomorrow...", 4 times
>main lick, 3 times
> "she can't hit!"
>main lick, 16 times
>"i want them if they want me..."
>[4 times, the low A is on the last time only.]
>main lick, 3 times
>"she can't hit!"
>main lick, 5 times
>"jaaaaane says" lick is the same as "i want them if they want me"
>play it 4 times.
>main lick 14 times, with a second bass playing this:
>[4 times]
>[twice, into a fade]
>"i'm in the midst of a trauma, leave a message and i'll call you back..."

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