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Time Without You Chords

Hej! Playing this, he seems to hit the lower E string single first, then rest of
the chord at the verses. At those D/Dsus4/Dsus2 (or the same with Am) just listen
to the song - he's playing a bit there. So, I hope you enjoy this easy but great song. 

Time Without You
by Jan Hegenberg

G/H       D4/F#    Csus2
You're my moon, my star.
G/H       D4/F#        Csus2
You're my light in the dark.
G/H              D4/F#    Csus2
You're my little sunshine on a rainy day.
          Am         C            D/Dsus4/Dsus2
You're my arrow that shows me the way.

G/H       D4/F#          Csus2
You're my diamond on the bed of roses.
G/H        D4/F#            Csus2
You're the sweetest kiss, I ever had.
G/H           D/4F#  Csus2
You’re like a saint, who you still alive.
Am            C         D/Dsus4/Dsus2
Thank You for Saving my life.
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Hm                Am/Asus4/Asus2
And I'm afraid to loose you,
C                            D/Dsus4/Dsus2
Lie awake and wish you by my side 
Hm                   Am/Asus4/Asus2
And then I'm talking to you 
C                               D/Dsus4/Dsus2
Wish you there just to hold you tight 
            Hm                C
And I would creep and I would die 
            Am                                 D
And I would beg for you like sinners for their live 
             Hm             C
And then I'm sad and then I cry, and then I cry 
Am                                 D
Down without you is cutting like a knife 
               GH   D4/F#   C
Cutting like a knife




G/H   320033
D4/F# 200233
Csus2 032033
Am    002210
C     032010
D     000232
Dsus4 000233
Dsus2 000230
Asus4 002230
Asus2 002200
Hm    224432