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Virtual Insanity Chords

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From: ChefBeave@aol.com
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 01:31:17 EDT
Subject: j/jamiroquai/virtual_insanity.crd

"Virtual Insanity"
from the album Travelling Without Moving
tabbed by Steven L. Nelly  (chefbeave@aol.com)

Thanks to Alan Drori for the backbone of the song.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jamiroquai/virtual_insanity_crd.html ]
Chord spellings:
Ebm		x68876
Fm7-5 		x8989x
Gb9		x9899x
Bsus2		x24422
Cm7-5		x3434x
Bmaj7		x24342  for the main theme, 
           and  7x887x for the chorus and transition  
Bb7+5		6x677x
Ab7		464574
Db7		x46464
Gbmaj7	2x(4)321  (thumb the bass)
Ddim		x5646(4)
Ebm7		x68676
Abm7		464444
Bb7		686796
Dbm		x46654
Amaj7		5x665x

I have found that it is best to play this song without a pick.  For each
chord, it sounds best to pluck the bass note with the thumb, and the melodic
notes immediately afterwords with the remaining fingers.  This most resembles
how the chords are played on the keybords on the album.

Ebm  Fm7-5  Gb9  Bsus2  Cm7-5  Bmaj7  Bb7+5

Main Theme:
Ebm  Ab7  Db7  Gbmaj7  Cm7-5  Bbmaj7  Bb7+5  (Ebm)

Ebm  Ddim  Ebm7  Abm7  (4x)

Ebm  Bb7  Bmaj7  Abm7  Bbm7 (2x)
Dbm  Ab7  Amaj7  Gbm7  Ab7
Ebm  Bb7  Bmaj7  Abm7  Bbm7

Main Theme


Outtro  (same as intro)