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Version: 2 Type: Bass Tab

Calm Down Dearest Bass Tab

                            Jamie T

        Calm Down Dearest

Im a crap tabber but i think iv got this one right. Iv watched all them videos and im 
sure this is exactly what plays but bear in mind its on a acoustic bass and wont sound any 
on a normal electric bass.

Tabbed By : Olly
e-mail: olliecolbeck@hotmail.co.uk

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jamie_t/calm_down_dearest_btab_ver_2.html ]
He just strums these pretty much throughout the whole song, im not sure wther he adds 
(5)'s in because he plays it so quet but it makes the same sound pretty much whatever you 
So its up to you.


Just strum them, if youv seen the video im sure youll understand but thats not exactly 
he does it, its just alot to tab out if i was gonna put it exactly how it is, and im fat 

Well thats my attempt, hope its better then the other tabs iv made a mess of, cheers.