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Back In The Game Chords

Back in the game. (on 6 string acoustic.)

its a bit diffrent, to suit an acoustic guitar:

Take your brother down to the sea
Have a twos on a cigarette
Now you come down and your just gonna lower the to-one o one
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jamie_t/back_in_the_game_crd.html ]
and after about 10 dear minutes he was back in the game
I thought he was done man i thought he was finished but hes back up again


Thats it, the verses just go D, Bm G, until the end bits that go to E (ie the lower the 
and for who the bell tolls, as ive tabbed above)

and the chorus just goes D, Em, G.

Any problems ask.