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Wind Cries Mary Chords

Beginning:   Eb, E/   F (x4) 
             On the second and thrid time, the piano fill goes:
             Bb, C, C, Bb, AB (ill trust you know the rhythm, just play the notes in that order.
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Verse: C/   Bb/   F/   F (x3)
       G/   Bb/   Eb, E/   F
       G/   Bb/   Eb, E/   F/   Eb, E/   F
Play that pattern until the solo bit, which goes:
       F/   Eb/   Bb/   Bb (x3)
       G/   Bb/   Db/   Db
       Eb, E/   F (x4)

Play verse again. 

NB. the notes to the solo go: a, G, F, G, F, G, G, F, G, F
                              c#, d, F, G, F
Ill assume you know the rhythm so just play those notes in that order to the rhythm.