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California Cast Iron Soul Chords

                             CALIFORNIA (CAST IRON SOUL) - Jamestown Revival
Tabbed by: jtrivella
E-mail: @comcast.net

Tuning: Standard

During the verse, strum the E chord out for most of the measure - the Asus2 is a 
quick, 1-note change at the end of each measure before going back to the E strumming pattern.


E       Asus2      E       Asus2    
Lately, I've been low
Things been moving slow
Could not tell you why
Maybe too much paradise


A (really let open high E string be heard)
Something came a-calling
                       B(pause)   E   Asus2    E Asus2
And I knew this time I had to go

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jamestown_revival/california_cast_iron_soul_crd.html ]
E          Asus2 (the quick switch)
I don't even know you
            A                  E       Asus2
And you've taken me away from home

E          Asus2 (the quick switch)
Old magnolia
I'll never get over you
A                              E     Asus2
Feeling running straight to my bones

B               A      E        Asus2
Someday I'll be coming home
B               A      D
Someday I'll be coming home
With a cast iron soul

Chord Shapes

E     022100
Asus2 002200
B     x244xx (pre-chorus)
A     002220 (pre-chorus)
B     799877 (chorus)
A     577655 (chorus)
D     557775