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Get Out Now Chords

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                             "Get Out Now"
                      (Bo Gentry - Richie Cordell)


	C#m7/F#        F#
	(Heartbreak... baby)
	C#m7/F#        F#
	(Heartbreak... baby)    [background vocals continue into verse]

Verse 1:

	C#m7/F#                          F#
	I can see the heartbreak that he put you through
	        C#m7/F#                           F#
	And I've seen enough to know he's not in love with you
	     C#m7                                F#
	And I understand your feelings, girl, I really do
	Baby, I've been through it
	Go ahead and do it, baby

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	C#m                           /C      [4/4 followed by 3/4]
	Get out, get out, get out now
	 B                  Cdim
	Get out, he doesn't love you, baby
	C#m                           /C      [4/4 followed by 3/4]
	Get out, get out, get out now
	 B                  Cdim
	Get out, my love is more than maybe

Bass break:

	(A)               (G#)
	 v   v   v   v     v   v   v   v

Verse 2:

	Can't you see your future, girl, is lookin' dim
	'Cause he don't need the love that you've been givin' him
	And the more you try to give the deeper you get in
	Girl, you never knew him
	Tell him that you're through and baby

[repeat chorus]

[repeat bass break]



	(A)                          (E)
	 v   v   v   v                v   v   v   v
	-----------------            -----------------
	-7---7--677--7---            -----------------
	---7---7---7---7-            -7---7--677--7---
	-----------------            ---7---7---7---7-
	Girl it's gettin' late   You got no time to wait 

	(A)                             (G#)
	 v   v   v   v                   v   v   v   v
	-----------------               -----------------
	-7---7--677--7---               -6---6--566--6---
	---7---7---7---7-               ---6---6---6---6-
	-----------------               -----------------
	And if you hesitate I know that you'll be sorry

Instrumental break:

	(organ solo - chorus chords)

	It's time to...

[repeat chorus to fade]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers