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Jump Up Behing Me Chords

Song: Jump up behind me
Artist: James Taylor
Tabbed by: ShrimpthePimp

Standard tuning- E A D G B E
Capo on 6th

        C               F
Verse:This land is a lovely green
         Am                 G
      It reminds me of my own home
       C                   F
      Such stirring I've seldom seen
       Am          G   
      Even in my own home
       C            F
      The sky so bright and clean
                Am                 C
      Wont you take me back to my own home

Chorus:   G                   F
        Jump up behind me my love
        Jump up behind me
        Old Dan can bear us both
        Jump up behind me
        We follow this road 'till we reach the sea
        Jump up behind me
        We'll catch the tide and set Dan free
        Jump up behind me
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Verse: C                  F
       I've been in this world awhile
                Am            G
       And I've seen alot of country
       C              F
       Many days and many miles
             Dm          C
       All various and sundry
            C                    F
       I've had my way and I've had my fun
                 Am               G
       And I've had my chance to run free
         C            F
       Burning hot beneath the sun
        Am                G
       Freezing cold and wintry

Bridge: I know now
         F                 C
        Only one thing matters in these days
         Am         F
        One thing, true love
        Love and love alone
          Am        F-C-F-G
        True love

        C               F
Verse: I came out of a dream last night
            Am                  G
       Thoguht I was back in my old home
       C                 F
       Mom and Dad were both still alive 
         Am                     G
       And the babies not yet born, no
         C          F
       Felt like a festival 
        Am                   G
       Felt like Christmas morning
        C                  F
       Felt the darkness fall away
        Am                G
       Even as the world turning